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Department of Community Development (DCD)

Housing Highlights

Housing Update

Thanks to all those Tribal Members who have up-dated their Housing Applications for 2011. For those who need to complete their up-dates or need a copy of the New Housing application, these forms are on the counter at DCD (Department of Community Development) at the government offices on Suquamish Way. If you would like an application mailed to you call Peg Deam at 360-394-8418.

Housing Inspections for 2014

Housing Inspections will begin in Spring 2014. Homebuyers will be contacted soon to schedule an inspection time. Homeowners will be contacted to schedule a time to inspect their yards. If you need help getting rid of old vehicles or any metal items call Peg Deam, 360-394-8418. Remember, it is a HUD Health and Safety issue to have a safe home and yard.


What is the program?

The Department of Community Development was granted enough funds to purchase between five and six existing homes on the Reservation during the 2010 year.  These homes give DCD the ability to offer another housing alternative to Tribal members who may not qualify for HUD housing options.  These homes will be offered and rentals and will be available on a month to month contract.

Who is eligible?

All tribal members 18 and over are eligible.

How much do the homes rent for?

We rent the homes for about 75% of market rate

Is this a HUD funded program?

This is not a HUD program, tribal revenue from our businesses is funding the program.

Why was the program created?

We have a significant housing shortage on the reservation, and we have tribal member needs that other programs do not cover.  We have more and more tribal members who do not qualify for HUD housing due to the fact that wages on the reservation are increasing, yet many citizens do not make enough money to purchase homes on the open market.  Not everyone wants to live in “tribal housing”.  Some people don’t want to be tied down they just want to rent month to month.  Many people waiting for housing are single or have a significant other and the Tribe has traditionally not built housing for single individuals or families comprised of  two household members.

How do I sign up to be considered for a rental unit?

Just come in to the DCD office and fill out an application or give us a call and one will be mailed to you.

How is it determined who gets the house?

DCD is currently working with the Housing Board as well as Tribal Council to implement policies regulating the program.  Tribal Council makes the final decision.

Will you be doing criminal background checks, credit checks and landlord references?

The simple answer is yes.  However, consideration on who qualifies for a rental home is not based solely on these checks and references.

What if I have something in my past that may show up on one of those checks?

The mission of the Department of Community Development is to house our Tribal citizens.  We will work with you on any issues.  Any negative information that shows up on one of these checks will neither disqualify you nor automatically make you ineligible for a rental home.



What is the Program?
The Department of Community Development was granted enough funds assist with Down Payment for 10 tribal members to purchase or Refinance a home.

Who is eligible?
All tribal members 18 and over are eligible. Your house must be located in Kitsap County to be eligible for the Down Payment Assistance.

Is this a HUD funded program?
This is not a HUD funded program, tribal revenue from our businesses is funding the program. But there is a process here that includes a HUD guarantee for your loan on trust land. It makes it easier for tribal people to get loans on tribal land if HUD guarantees your loan, other wise the conventional banks are less willing to loan on trust land.

Why was the program created?
We have significant housing shortage on the reserva-tion, and we have tribal member needs that other programs do not cover. We have more and more tribal members who do not qualify for HUD housing due to the fact they’re making over the allowed income. Not everyone wants to live in tribal housing.

How do I sign up to be considered for Down Payment Assistance?
Just come in to the DCD office and fill out an application or give us a call and one will be mailed to you.

Is purchasing a home a difficult process?
Yes, it can be. But no worries, we have staff here to assist you through the process.

Can you give me guidelines on what the process will entail?
1. Run your credit, review credit report for any negatives, or outstanding balances.
2. Any overdue balances, old accounts, you’ll need to pay off.
3. Negative items on your report must have been paid off for 1 year.
4. You’ll need to apply for conventional financing to determine your pre-approval for purchasing a home.
5. If you’re pre-approved when the time comes for closing on your loan we will cut a check to your escrow company for 20% of the home loan, a minimum of $5,000. but not to exceed $10,000.

I’ve never run my credit, where do I go to get a credit report?
We can run your credit report here in DCD, you can contact Kim at 360-394-8419 as you need to be pre-sent in order to run the reports.

What if I have something in my past that may show up on one of those reports?
It used to be that credit didn’t play a huge role, but due to the housing crash and the recession, the tribal loan program changed.  You must have all items paid off for 1 year to be eligible for the HUD 184 loan guarantee program.

Homeowner Maintenance Assistance (HMA) Program

I. Purpose
The purpose of the (Homeowner or Housing Maintenance Assistance) HMA Program is to fulfill an unmet need for tribal members needing care, repairs, or maintenance to their homes.

II. Procedures
Program money will be available at the beginning of each fiscal year on a first come first serve basis. The program will be advertised in the Suquamish Tribal Newsletter or another similarly effective way to notify tribal members of the availability of the program. Funding will be limited during the startup years in order to evaluate the needs of the community and assess the results of the program The HMA Program is a grant/loan program.

A. Eligibility
In order to be eligible, individuals must be enrolled Suquamish tribal members living within Kitsap County. Funds are available to:
1) Elders who own their own homes regardless of whether they are low income.
2) MHOA conveyed homeowners regardless of income
3) Individual conventional homeowners regardless of income
4) MHOA homebuyers who are over-income and therefore not receiving maintenance through HUD funding.
5) Owners of trailer homes provided the person can show documentation of ownership and provided the trailer home is the primary home of the owner. Income is irrelevant to the grant-only portion of this program. To be eligible for the loan portion of this program, homeowners must have an income in order to repay the loan.

B. Priority among applicants
There is no ranking system among applicants. The program is first come first serve. In the event two or more individuals apply at the same time and there are limited funds available, Tribal Council will decide which applicant will receive the grant/loan based upon these policies and procedures and the purposes of the program.

C. Grants
Homeowners are eligible for one time grants under this program The grant may be up to five thousand dollars ($5,000) for those who have used funds from the Down Payment Assistance Program in the past and may be up to ten thousand dollars ($10,000) for those who have never used Down Payment Assistance funds. Any needed amounts over the allowed grant will be a loan.

D. Loans
Eligible individuals may receive a loan instead of or in addition to the grant funds. There is no limit on the amount individuals may ask for with the caveat that individuals must be able to repay the loan. The loan portion of this program is not “one time only.” However, individuals will not be eligible for a second loan until their first loan has been paid in full. DCD will discuss with the individual their ability to repay the loan and will set up a timetable to repay the loan considering the homeowner’s income and ability to pay. Both DCD and the homeowner must agree on the amount to be repaid per month. DCD will create written and signed agreements with individual borrowing homeowners reflecting the payback arrangements. Repayment of the loan begins when homeowner assistance ends. Homeowners must comply with the time period set by DCD to repay the loan, not to exceed four (4) years. Homeowners are required to repay loans regardless of whether they move from the home they have improved. If a homeowner is unable to make a payment or must make a payment below the set monthly amount for their loan, they must notify DCD and make arrangements for payment as soon as possible. Homeowners who become delinquent will not be eligible for further grants or loans from the HMA Program and the Tribe may take further steps to achieve repayment of the loan. There is no interest on HMA loans. Repaid loan funds (program income) will become available to the next tribal member who is in need of maintenance assistance.

E. Application Process
Interested homeowners should fill out an application through DCD. A homeowner’s application should include a description of the work that needs to be done or item (s) which need to be purchased; the person, business, or contractor who will complete the work; and the total cost of the project as well as the amount the homeowner is requesting from the HMA Program. These items should be submitted in certain terms. Applications should fit the purpose of this Program.

Prior to receiving the grant/loan, DCD will assess with the homeowner the amount of the grant/loan they have asked for and provide knowledge about possible alternatives if the service requested is more expensive than fair market value. Grants/Loans will not be made if services are above fair market value unless there is good reason to make exception. In all cases, money will be paid directly from DCD to the contractor, business, or other service provider chosen by the homeowner.

F. Allowable Maintenance
Any homebuyer maintenance or needed home improvement
is allowable under the program. This includes
but isn’t limited to:

a. Roof
b. Energy efficient windows, double pane windows
c. Ramps for accessibility to home for elders
d. House painting
e. Deck repairs
f. Carpet
g. Flooring
h. Generators
i. Heat pumps
j. Paint inside or outside
k. Appliances such as washers, dryers, dishwashers,
stove, freezers

Luxury items are not envisioned as part of this program

Department of Community Development
18490 Suquamish Way
Suquamish, WA 98392

Community Development Programs:

- Planning and Transportation Program
- Housing Program
- Economic Development Program
- Housing Development Clean-up Project

The Planning Program is responsible for creating annual and five-year housing plans, as well as annual reports, planning development projects within the Reservation, and working with other governmental agencies on future development plans both inside and outside the Reservation.

The Housing Program manages all existing HUD housing as well as developing new programs to help as many needy Tribal families as possible through the following:

- Low-income family 25-year leases to own homes with sliding payment schedules

- Home buying counseling and classes

- Down payment assistance grants

- HUD loan guarantees

- BIA Housing Improvement program that assists low-income homeowners with home improvement

The Economic Development Program assists Tribal members in all aspects of personal economic development ventures from creating business plans to assisting with financing acquisition.

The Housing Development Clean-Up Project is a clean-up program in the housing developments throughout the reservation.

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