For Media — How to participate in the Tribal Canoe Journey stop in Suquamish

Ground Rules for Media at Suquamish Major Culture Events

The following policy on press at Tribal cultural events was approved by the Suquamish Tribal Council on July 12, 2023:

  1. All press are required to obtain a press pass at major events, and to agree to Tribe’s policies in order to get a pass.
  2. No press or media drones are allowed. (Suquamish Comms. will make available to the media drone footage we shoot).
  3. Press who want to access the beach during canoe landings must stay 20 ft to the north of the boat ramp. No press permitted between landing canoes and those granting permission to land.
  4. Press & media are permitted inside the House of Awakened Culture but must respect requests to not take photos during specific events.
  5. During crowded periods, please limit the time spent inside the House of Awakened Culture.
  6. Requests for interviews with Suquamish tribal leaders should be arranged with the Suquamish Tribe Communications Department by emailing or, during the event, calling or texting Sarah van Gelder at 206 491 0196.

For updated information on the Suquamish stop on Canoe Journey 2023, please view this page. For information about Chief Seattle Days, please view this page.

Please complete the following form to request a press pass. We will issue press passes at the Information Booth.

Questions? Contact Suquamish Tribe Communications at

2023 Canoe Journey -- Suquamish Press Pass

If you are representing media or the press, please fill out this form to apply for a press pass. All media are required to adhere to Suquamish Tribe media policies to photograph, film, or interview on the grounds of the Canoe Journey July 28-30 stopover in Suquamish. (Exception -- Tribal canoe families are of course welcome to document their own journey without a press pass.)

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