Rental Program

What is the program?

Over the past several years, the Department of Community Development has purchased several homes on the Port Madison Indian Reservation.  These homes give DCD the ability to offer another housing alternative to Tribal members who may not qualify for HUD housing options.  These homes are offered as rentals and are available on a month to month contract.

Who is eligible?

All tribal members 18 and over are eligible.

How much do the homes rent for?

We rent the homes at 75% of market rate

Is this a HUD funded program?

This is not a HUD program, tribal revenue funds the program.

How do I sign up to be considered for a rental unit?

Come in to the DCD office and fill out an application or give us a call and one will be mailed to you.

Will you be doing criminal background checks, credit checks and landlord references?

Yes. However, who qualifies for a rental home is not based solely on these checks and references.

What if I have something in my past that may show up on one of those checks?

The mission of the Department of Community Development is to house our Tribal citizens.  We will work with you on any issues.