Library Database Links

Kitsap Regional Library
Lots of great research databases here for your use. Use our NKHS library card (29068006856151)or use your own library card number. Look across the top bar for the “KRL Resources” button. Choose “Research and More”. There is a list of available databases along the right-hand side of the screen. Find the ones you think will be most helpful for your topic. We are here to help you!

Opposing Viewpoints
Point-of-viewarticles, topic overviews, statistics, primary documents, and full-textmagazine and newspaper articles on current events and issues of controversy.Use NKHS’ library number to gain access 29068006856151.

American History Documents
Texts of primary documents related to the study of American history dating from the medieval era to the present. Browse within historical time categories.

The History Channel
While the History Channel itself is for television, it’s website contains much more information. Click on “This Day in History” to search for information for research projects. This site also has video clips – information from video clips can be used in research – just remember to cite!

Library of Congress Digital Collection
Nine extensive digital American collections with print, pictorial, and audio-visual resources. A link to international collections is also included.

Pew Internet and American Life Project
Explore American life through reports, surveys, and statistics on activities and pursuits, demographics and technology, and media.

Primary Sources at The Library of Congress
The Library of Congress is a national library and has vast collections available to you online. When you arrive at this link go the “American Memory”collection. This collection is comprised of primary source documents – letters,photos, diary entries, etc. that you may find useful in your research.

U.S. Census Bureau
Population,housing, economic, and geographic data about the U.S.

World Book Encyclopedia
Online version of one of the world’s best encyclopedias. ID is: nksdworld Password is: nksd400

World History
The Avalon Project: world history texts of primary documents from 4000 BCE to the present. Browse within historical time categories.

Wolfram Alpha

Internet Archive
Digitalcollections of text, moving images, audio, and special projects (eg.”Way Back Machine”)

Booklist Online
Access thousands of book reviews, lists, blogs about reading and good reads recommended by the American Library Association.

Encyclopedia Mythica
Articles,a bestiary, genealogies, and images from mythology and folklore from around the world. Resources can be browsed within categories by country.

Online Writing Lab
Purdue University writing lab provides examples for writing papers in MLA and APA formats. Other pages focus on the writing needs of high school and college students.

Poetry Database
Database of poems and related resources, including readings, interviews, articles, and essays.Some resources include audio or video.

Links lead to extensive language resources for French, Spanish, Italian, and German that include television and games as well as dictionaries and grammars. Basic resources are available for Chinese, Greek, and Portuguese.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History has world maps, timelines, thematic essays,biographies, and images of works of art.

Petrucci Music Library
Sheet music and recordings of public-domain music and music from composers who are willing to share without charge. Music may be searched by name, country, or time period.

Biology Online
Well-organizedbiology site allows general searching, searching by tool type, and browsing.Tools include a dictionary, articles, tutorials, a forum, and a directory to related sites.

Earth Trends
Environmental,social, and economic factors in report, country profiles, maps, and data tables. Free registration required after 3 searches.

Global Edge–Business
Economic business information organized by country, state (U.S.), and industry.Diagnostic tools are available with free registration.

Plants Database
Images,characteristics, and distribution information for plants in the U.S. and its territories. Includes both scientific and common names.

Science World
Extensive resources in math, chemistry, physics, and astronomy. Scientific biographies are included in a separate section.