Comment Sought on Proposed Tribal Code Changes

The Suquamish Tribal Council is seeking written comments on a proposed new chapter of the Suquamish Tribal Code 3.4 – Court of Appeals. Please submit written comments by September 5, 2021. Contact the Office of the Tribal Attorney for a copy of the proposed chapter.

The new chapter is intended to provide a clear statutory description of the scope of the Suquamish Court of Appeals’ jurisdiction and describe its functions. The proposed code:

  • Describes the composition of the Court of Appeals including qualifications; method of judicial appointment and removal; assignment of cases.
  • Limits the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeals.
  • Sets timelines for the Court of Appeals to issue decisions.
  • Requires publication of written decisions.

Submit comments to : Office of the Tribal Attorney, STC Chapter 3.4 Comments, P.O. Box 498, Suquamish, WA 98392 or by email with the subject line “Chapter 3.4 Comments” to