• Administration

    Providing management and oversight for all departments within the Suquamish Tribal Government including budgeting, personnel, communications, training, policy implementation and facilities use.

  • Community Development

    Managing all capital and infrastructure projects for the Suquamish Tribal Government. The department also manages all housing programs for the Suquamish Tribe.

  • Education

    Providing innovative educational opporutnities that embrace cultural values, the education department includes the Marion Forsman Boushie Early Learning Center, Chief Kitsap Academy, Higher Education and more.

  • Finance

    Charged with executing all financial transactions for the Suquamish Tribal Government including budgeting, auditing, reconciliation and accounts payable.

  • Fisheries

    Preserving and enhancing treaty-reserved resources. The fisheries department includes all fisheries management, environmental programs, historic preservation and more.

  • Grants

    Committed to supporting the ongoing needs of Tribal Members and the greater Suquamish community by acquiring funding for necessary governmental programs.

  • Health Division

    Supporting holistic and comprehensive health for the Suquamish community. Includes Community Health, Community Nutrition & WIC, Healing House Primary Care, Health Benefits, and links to Wellness Center and Fitness Center.

  • Human Services

    Dedicated to serving Suquamish Tribal members and families by providing benefits and services that promote the health and welfare of individuals and the community.

  • Human Resources

    Committed to providing employees with a positive, productive work environment with opportunities for personal satisfaction and growth in a safe, healthy, and harmonious work environment.

  • Information Technology

    Providing technology services to all departments within the Tribal Government including network administration, infrastructure, software and hardware support.

  • Legal

    Provides legal services to the Suquamish Tribal government, including the Tribal Council and individual departments concerning civil and criminal issues.

  • Maintenance

    Charged with providing a clean, safe working environment for the Tribal Government and offsite buildings.

  • Natural Resources

    Charged with the management and protection of natural resources on trust land within the boundaries of the Port Madison Reservation including forestry, water resources, and emergency management.

  • Police & Courts

    Serving and protecting all community members on the Port Madison Indian Reservation, and providing a legal forum for conflict resolution in a manner, consistent with the laws, rights, customs and traditions of the Suquamish.

  • Sports & Recreation

    Offering culturally appropriate recreational activities for Suquamish Tribal households including workshops, events, leagues and more.

  • Tribal Child Welfare

    Supporting families with native children living on the Port Madison Indian Reservation by providing child welfare family support services, and independent living skills programs. The Department also provides services to Suquamish children residing off-reservation.

  • Wellness Center

    Helping build strengths and overcome obstacles throughout life’s journey. The Wellness Center provides chemical dependency, mental health, outreach services and more.

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