lushootseed homemeaning place of the clear salt water in the Southern Lushootseed language, has been the primary home of the Suquamish people since time immemorial. It is the ancient place on Agate Passage, the site of Old-Man-House Village, the winter home of Chief Seattle and the heart of the Suquamish people. It is here- past , present and future that the Suquamish people live on the land of our ancestors and our great-grandchildren.

Watch a clip from Longhouse Media‘s upcoming documentary Clearwater featuring the Suquamish Tribe

Suquamish Museum

“Museum”Discover the rich culture and traditions of the people of the clear salt water and explore the history of Agate Passage, winter home of Chief Seattle and the heart of the Suquamish People.

Seafoods Enterprises

GeoducksWe are proud to provide the best quality seafood products from our home waters of the Puget Sound and are committed to maintaining a healthy ecosystem for generations to come.

Port Madison Enterprises

VenturesOperating a variety of businesses aimed at developing community resources while promoting the economic and social welfare of the Suquamish Tribe through commercial activities.

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