Suquamish Tribal Code

The Suquamish Tribal Code consists of the codified resolutions and ordinances of the Suquamish Indian Tribe as duly adopted by the Suquamish Tribal Council and additional relevant material (e.g., the Treaty of Point Elliott). “Codification” is the term applied to the process whereby resolutions and ordinances passed by the Tribal Council become positive law and are inserted into this code. Chapter 1.3, Codification Authority, provides more information about codification and the tribal attorney’s role in the process.

Each section of the Suquamish Tribal Code is followed by its legislative history in parentheses. Where these sections derive from the prior code, that prior code derivation is listed first, followed by the resolutions which amended it and their passage dates. Wherever possible, history notes include the specific section numbers used in the enabling legislation; where amendments consist of unnumbered portions of resolutions, “(part)” has been used. When a chapter has been superseded, repealed, or repealed and replaced, that history is contained in the STC Legislative Resolutions History.

  • Chapter 13.1 – Legislative Findings & Purposes
  • Chapter 13.2 – Definitions
  • Chapter 13.3 – General Provisions
  • Chapter 13.4 – Tax Revenue & Refund Accounts Established
  • Chapter 13.5 – Tribal Tax Commission Established
  • Chapter 13.6 – Powers/Duties and Administrative Procedures of the Tax Commission, Director of Department of Revenue, and Director of Finance in Administration of the Tribal Tax Administration Code and Tax Ordinances
  • Chapter 13.7 – Administrative Remedies
  • Chapter 13.8 – Judicial Remedies