The Suquamish Tribal Enrollment Office processes enrollment applications for membership in the Suquamish Tribe. It also handles lineage testing for Enrollment, as well as licensing qualified Tribal members for salmon or shellfish harvesting activities, as guaranteed by the Point Elliot Treaty of 1855. The office is responsible for all data pertaining to the enrollment of an individual into the Tribe.  They work closely with outside agencies to obtain the information required for enrollment.

The work we do

  • Applications

    Processing all enrollment applications, including automatic enrollment and adoptions.

  • Data Collection

    Compiling Tribal Member birth certificates, death certificates, marriage licenses, divorces and more.

  • Tribal Member Services

    Maintaining up-to-date files for Tribal Members, including current addresses. Preparation and distribution of ID cards for Tribal Members and issuing licenses for treaty reserved rights.

  • DNA Testing

    Ensuring, by DNA testing, individual relationships to the tribe and other tribes, if applicable.

  • Archives

    Maintaining archives on deceased individuals, tribal rolls and resultant supplemental information provided to the BIA.