Chief Seattle Days 2020 Committee Sign-Up

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Chief Seattle Days Committee. Here is information for each committee to help you make a decision of which committee you’d like to volunteer for:

Canoe Race

  • This committee consists of getting the race schedule ready, getting judges, volunteers to be out on the water, plan the race route, provide information to canoe clubs, figuring out a budget, provide prize payout denominations, be at the event during Chief Seattle Days weekend and more.

Chief Seattle Days Coordinator

  • Oversees entire Chief Seattle Days Events, coordinates with the 12 other committee heads, implements deadlines, organizes advertising, flyers, social media, website, merchandise, outdoor signage and more. Is the main contact for all Chief Seattle Days questions, organizes all meetings and more. Time spent on this event: October – September.

5K Fun Run

  • This committee will consist of getting people to sign-up for the race, get volunteers for the route, get signs made, getting the race route ready, have an application ready 3 months in advance, and more.

Golf Tournament Assistant

  • In 2020 the Grants department will be managing this event. Help the grants department get everything booked with the golf course, get people signed up, get t-shirts ordered, help with day of event, and more.

CSD Gravesite Honoring

  • This committee consists of planning the Chief Seattle Gravesite honoring that happens each year. Plan the ceremony, get flowers, get singers, clean the gravesite, spread the word about the ceremony, etc.

Horseshoe Tournament

  • This committee consists of creating a registration form, getting the form out 3 months in advance, get the tournament area setup, get the word out, get teams signed up ahead of time, make signs, figure out prizes, be there for the tournament, and more.

Info/Merchandise Booth

  • This committee consists of getting information ready for the public, flyers, posters, handouts, outdoor signs and more. Merchandise is sold from this booth during the event. Assist during the entire Chief Seattle Days weekend, assist the communications department with other tasks, and more.


  • This committee consists of planning the route, spending 4 months trying to get people to participate in the parade, get the flyer made, hand flyers out, contact people on social media, invite people to watch the parade, get the parade application to the public 4 months in advance, and more.


  • This committee consists of ensuring parking is available and cleared out, letting the public know available parking areas, coordinating the Casino shuttle and route, coordinating available camping areas, seeing if local hotels will provide discounts & promote the event, assist entire weekend of Chief Seattle Days, and more.

Powwow/Cultural Sharing

  • This committee will consist of either putting on the powwow and/or more Suquamish related cultural sharing events. Planning the events, coming up with time frames, booking and contracting the people who will be participating, spreading the word to the public, assisting the entire Chief Seattle Days weekend and more.

Royalty Pageant

  • This committee will consist of organizing Royalty at all events during the weekend, implementing some type of fundraising, getting the pageant organized and setup, getting people to apply to be royalty, update application, tell people about the event, get judges, get people to assist with canoe arrival, be there the entire weekend, and more.

Salmon Bake

  • This committee will consist of obtaining salmon for the weekend, get kitchen cooks, calculating food and drink costs within a budget, getting cooks and food for coastal jam, organizing volunteers to serve food for the weekend, getting salmon cooks, get the kitchen organized and cleaned, be there the entire weekend, and more.

Softball Tournament Assistant

  • This committee will consist of organizing tournament play, getting teams to sign up, inviting the public to watch the games, figuring out prizes, getting umpires and other required staff, getting flyers created and distributed, being there the entire weekend, and more.


  • This committee will consist of updating the vendor applications, creating deadlines, organizing vendor payments, getting past vendors to sign-up, getting the downtown area setup, figure out available vending spaces, update rules and regulations, communicate with vendors in a timely manner, and more.


  • This committee will consist of working with all 11 other committees to get what volunteers they need, coordinate shifts, get people to sign-up, organize all volunteers during the weekend, ensure volunteers have options for food and water, communicate regularly with volunteers, assign them locations, and more.
  • Please select the committee(s) you're interested in assisting with for Chief Seattle Days 2020. If you would like to "head" a committee that means you'll be in charge and ALL communication goes through you. If you'd like to be an "assistant" that means you'll report to the person heading the committee.
  • If there is any additional information you'd like to share about why you want to volunteer, any question you might have, any comments about being on this committee, etc. Please provide them here