Chief Kitsap Academy (CKA) encourages North Kitsap School District students to apply for Fall 2015 classes. At CKA, students have the opportunity to earn both high school and college credits through a variety of programs.

Who is eligible to apply?

NKSD 6th – 12th grade students are eligible to apply for admission. Applicants from the following groups would benefit greatly from this program and are encouraged to apply:

  • enrolled Suquamish Tribal members,
  • Suquamish descendants,
  • non-Suquamish Natives living in a Suquamish Tribal member household on the reservation, or
  • Port Madison Indian Reservation community members.

CKA accepts all students without regard to gender, race, national origin, color, disability or age. The Suquamish Tribe wants to ensure access to, and participation in, its program for all students, staff, and other program beneficiaries with special needs.

What type of student will be sucessful at CKA?

  • Those who want to fulfill their academic requirements for high school within a tribal setting.
  • Students interested in enriching their cultural and Native leadership skills.
  • Youth invested in creating their own future and the future of our school.
  • People who are creative and flexible.

What is required of CKA students?

CKA requires students to commit and maintain the following:

  • exercise respectful behavior and interaction with staff and other students,
  • attend school and all scheduled classes regularly (90% or better),
  • give their best effort and actively participate in class activities,
  • maintain a 2.0 or higher GPA (2.7 for college credit),
  • complete all assigned coursework within the given time frame, and
  • observe and adhere to school rules, requirements and standards.

Students who do not maintain their commitment to these expectations are subject to probation and/or dismissal from their school.

We encourage the student’s parent/legal guardian to play an active part in their child’s education to ensure that their student is receiving the best education offered. If you require more information or have further questions about Chief Kitsap Academy, please feel free to contact us by calling (360) 394-8566 or by stopping by the Suquamish Tribal Education Department.

Download an application