The ELC provides families a number of opportunities to be involved in their child’s development. Parents and guardians may choose from a number of groups designed to create an inclusive environment that brings families together.

Parent Committee

Open to all Parents at the ELC, Parent Committee meetings are held once a month September to July. The committee covers topics like ELC events, Head Start & ECEAP graduation, cultural lesson plans, school readiness goals and other important areas of service. Parents are encouraged to attend meetings and participate as often as possible. Our goal is to foster relationships between our parents and our classrooms while providing opportunities for parent involvement and leadership. Meeting dates and times will be announced in our monthly newsletter and calendars. For more information, please contact one of our Family Services and Parent Activities Coordinators.

Policy Council

Our Marion Forsman-Boushie Early Learning Center Policy Council actively participates in the development of school readiness goals and helps to assess the program’s progress in achieving those goals. Policy Council also promotes the critical role that parents play in supporting their children’s progress towards school readiness. Our Policy Council has a parent representative from each classroom. Meetings are held monthly at the ELC, in the Hawk classroom with lunch provided.

Health Advisory

The overall mission of the Health Services Advisory Committee (HSAC) is to bring useful advice and guidance to Marion Forsman-Boushie Early Learning Center staff in order to best serve children and families. The HSAC supports the development and maintenance of systems within the Head Start and Early Head Start program that are responsive to community health needs and that help families and children achieve better health outcomes.
The Health Services Advisory Committee (HSAC) responds to community needs, includes leaders in community health, includes parents, staff, and community members, and provides useful advice and guidance to the center in its mission to serve children and families.
The HSAC does not have the authority to approve or disapprove a Health Plan, policy, or procedure. That authority rests with the Policy Council. The HSAC is advisory only. Its role is to review and comment on the plan.

Health Forms