Basic Needs

These programs provide an umbrella of services for tribal members and their families to help get through hard times. This includes food and gas vouchers, Hardship Assistance, Emergency Assistance, Assistance Based on Need (ABON), holiday support for families in need, and help with funeral arrangements, to name a few.

Basic Needs Program Staff

Antonia Ewing, Client Services Representative: 360-394-8465;

Janelle Mills, Executive Assistant: 360-394-7116;

Marjorie Lawrence, Case Manager, 360-394-8650;

Food & Gas Vouchers

Purpose: To provide limited assistance towards food/transportation needs for members.


  • Enrolled Member or Guardian to an enrolled youth
  • Meet the income eligibility requirements and reside in Kitsap County

Hardship Assistance

Purpose: To provide financial assistance to members who are experiencing unexpected hardships that affect their daily lives.


  • Enrolled Member who is at least 18 years of age OR
  • A household caring for an enrolled youth living in their home.

HS Energy Assistance

Purpose: To assist members with offsetting past-due or unexpectedly high utility bills due to inclement weather conditions.


  • Must have exhausted LIHEAP assistance if eligible
  • Must present energy or any other bill for proof of residence

Assistance Based on Need (ABON)

Purpose: Regularly scheduled payments in place of a member’s tribal distribution check.

Eligibility: Complete a signed waiver with the HS department to arrange payment.

Service: Members can elect to receive monthly or quarterly payments

LIHEAP & LIHWAP (Low-Income Household Energy & Water Assistance Program)

Purpose: To assist low-income tribal households with meeting their home energy and water/sewer utility needs.


  • An enrolled member residing in Kitsap County, Washington OR
  • A non-Suquamish member head of household who is caring for an enrolled youth in their home residing on the Port Madison Indian Reservation OR
  • Enrolled member of any federally recognized tribe residing on the Port Madison Indian Reservation AND
  • Meets the income eligibility requirements and is not receiving the same funding from other surrounding areas. 

STOWW Vouchers (WINCO/Red Apple)

Purpose: Provides limited supplemental assistance for food to eligible members


  • Enrolled members or members enrolled in a federally recognized tribe and residing on the Port Madison Indian Reservation who meet income eligibility requirements

Service: Monthly food Voucher to either WINCO or Red Apple for approved items on the shopping list (Based on availability of funding).

Funeral Services

Purpose: To assist Tribal Families with funeral expenses for a departed loved one.

Eligibility: Enrolled Tribal Members


To sign up for Commodities complete application at Human Services.

DSHS – SNAP Benefits, TANF

Onsite DSHS Staff at Human Services every Wednesday from 8:30 am – 3:00 pm.