Social Services Program


In an effort to meet the general well-being of Tribal members and their families, the Social Services Programs at the Human Services Department strive to assist Tribal members with a wide array of services through various grants and tribally funded programs.

Social Services Program Staff

Marjorie Lawrence, Case Manager, 360-394-8650;

Jacinda Lawrence, Case Manager: 360-394-8412;

Loretta Ives, Case Manager: 360-394-8467;

Julie Mace, Social Work Supervisor: 360-394-8413;

Quel-Isha Brealan-Bayes, Care Coordinator:
360-394-8657, (O) 360-900-7573;


  • An enrolled member primarily residing on the Port Madison Indian Reservation. (Residency requirement may vary for specific programs.)

Programs and Services

  • Case Management Services: Case Management staff support Tribal members, address their goals through basic assessment, individual planning, group facilitation, care coordination, and general advocacy with entities/departments in and out of the Tribal government.
  • Place of change (Becoming) dxʷhuyil: This program was created to address the scarcity of shelter/housing for unhoused Tribal members seeking immediate treatment or other supportive housing alternatives. There are six units available to Tribal members willing to engage in the program and work towards a healthier lifestyle and future for themselves.
  • Protected Payee Services: Staff assist limited-income Tribal members with appropriately managing their Tribal funds and cash benefits to provide for basic needs – housing, utilities, clothing, childcare, and food.
  • Caregiver Services: Funded by grants and Tribal funding, these services are available to Tribal members who need additional assistance to complete everyday tasks. Caregivers assist with maintaining a quality of life, and provide Elders the opportunity to remain in their home for as long as possible. The purpose of this program is to provide respite services to Tribal family members, or natural caregivers.
  • General Assistance: The primary goal of the GA program is to provide temporary financial support to unemployed tribal members and assist them in getting the services they need to be prepared for work.
  • Emergency Assistance: The primary purpose of this assistance is to help eligible clients with a once in a lifetime funding to recover from a life emergency.
  • Aged and Disabled Program: This program is for Elders and disabled adults who are receiving Social Security Disability payments or Supplemental Security Income. Electing to be in this program entails receiving annual distributions on a monthly basis that cannot be counted as income by Social Security.
  • Veterans Program: This program is designed to provide Tribal Veterans and their dependents with information about the benefits available to them from the State, County and the Federal government as well as other local agencies. Staff provide assistance in obtaining and coordinating veteran benefits to assure maximum benefits to clients.
  • Adult Protective Services: The social services program conducts investigations pertaining to allegations of adult abuse or neglect on the Reservation.
  • Vulnerable Adult Services: These services are tailored specifically for disabled adults and elders who have been declared vulnerable by Tribal Court and include guardianship of person and estate.