Burn ban now in effect

Wildfire risk rising

The Suquamish Tribe, in cooperation with the Kitsap Fire Marshal, has declared a Phase 1 Burn Ban on the Port Madison Indian Reservation starting immediately. The ban, which limits most outdoor fires, is in effect until further notice.

Under a Phase 1 ban, all outdoor burning is prohibited except for:

  • Small recreational fires
  • Cooking
  • Ceremonial fires

Permitted fires must be kept within approved devices and safe locations. Open recreational fires must be:

  • Located at least 25 feet from any structures
  • Contained within a designated fire pit less than 3 feet in diameter
  • Not exceed 2 feet tall
  • Not be used as a substitute for burning yard debris

With an early start to the fire season in western Washington, local fire districts are seeing an increase in fire responses.

Higher than normal temperatures are likely to continue and lower than normal amounts of rain are predicted over the next few weeks, worsening fire risk in a landscape that’s already dry.

Escaped outdoor fires are the leading cause of wildfires, sparking nearly 85% of all blazes.

For information on burn permits please visit the North Kitsap Fire and Rescue Outdoor Burning Information page

For further information regarding the burn ban please contact Eric Quitslund, Office of Emergency Management Operations Officer, at equitslund@suquamish.nsn.us.