Tribal Fishing & Hunting Information

Tribal fisheries and hunting are regulated by the Suquamish Tribal Government. This page is designed as a resource for Tribal members exercising their treaty-reserved rights. It is the policy of the Suquamish Tribe to preserve, protect, and perpetuate the fish resources within its jurisdiction. The Fisheries department processes registration and licensing of Tribal vessels used in harvesting operations, regulates Tribal hunting activities, and issues hunting licenses to Tribal members. To the extent that such resources are to be taken, such harvest shall be primarily for the purpose of providing food and income for Suquamish Indian families and only secondarily for sport or recreation. Nothing herein shall be a relinquishment, abrogation, or abridgement of any Suquamish treaty right.


Shellfish Downloads

Tribal Member clam digs are managed by the Shellfish Program

Shellfish Hotline (updated weekly)

Upcoming Clam Digs

  • Wednesday October 23
  • Thursday October 24 (Boat Access Only)
  • Friday October 25 (Boat Access Only)

Shellfish Regs


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Finfish Hotline

Salmon Regulations

Salmon Annual Regulations

All catches by Suquamish Tribal Fisherman must be reported to the Fisheries Office at: 360-394-8445.

1.    Participating fishers must utilize the sport fishing rules pamphlet pertaining to that current fishing year published by the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife for regulations regarding specifics on fishing areas, species, limits, and gear.

2.    Fishers are required to be in possession of their treaty Indian identification card and have the current year’s finfish sticker.
3.    Pursuant to chapter 14. – all catch must be reported to the fisheries department (360) 394-8445.

Finfish (Other)

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It is the policy of the Suquamish Tribe and the purpose of this chapter to protect, enhance, and conserve game resources used by members of the tribe. Hunting by members of the tribe should be primarily for the purpose of providing food for Suquamish Indian families and preserving the Suquamish culture.