Suquamish government tightens COVID precautions

With COVID-19 rates increasing within our workplace, across the Reservation, and throughout the region, we are updating the Tribal Government’s requirements for staff and guests. The following changes will go into effect beginning Tuesday June 21:

  1. Physical Distancing – A minimum three-foot separation from others is now required inside all Government-owned facilities.
  2. Masks – The use of approved face masks is now required while inside Tribal Government facilities, vehicles, and vessels when in the presence of others.
    1. Employees may remove their mask while at their desk, provided they are not working with clients and guests and are able to maintain a minimum three-foot distance from other employees.
    2. Occupant load restrictions remain at their normal level, but with adherence to the required masking and physical distancing referenced above.
  3. Guests and visitors — Guests are also required to wear a mask and maintain at least three-foot separation when inside Tribal Government facilities. Appointments with clients and guests are strongly encouraged.
  4. Working outside – The use of approved face masks is highly recommended while outdoors, but is not required when a 3-foot minimum distance cannot be maintained.
  5. Remote work – If a Tribal Government employee’s job function allows, they may telecommute if approved by their supervisor; all other employees are expected to report to work as they are normally scheduled.

Please Remember:

  1. Follow all the safe practices that have helped to keep us all safe. i.e., minimize exposure risks, disinfect and sanitize, practice good hygiene, stay home when sick, etc.
  2. Employees who are symptomatic or who become symptomatic during the day should be immediately separated from others and sent home. They should follow-up with a PCR COVID-19 test in accordance with testing protocols.

We will continue to monitor local case rates over the next few weeks and will adjust our safety measures accordingly. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. With your continued commitment, we’ll be able to keep our co-workers safe.

NOTE: Early Learning Center and CKA families, please see special protocols for your students.