A picture of Healing House, where Community Health is co-located.

Suquamish Tribe 2023 COVID-19 Testing

As COVID cases continue tick up throughout the region, Suquamish Tribe is taking steps to help reduce the spread.

Beginning Monday, Aug. 21, Community Health will resume drive-up PCR testing for tribal member households, government staff, and PME employees at the Healing House parking lot from 8:30-10am. The testing will continue until Friday, Sept. 1.

Free home tests are also available at Community Health while supplies last.

Tribal government employees who test positive:

  1. Must stay home for five full days, beginning the day after symptoms first start.
  2. Once symptom-free, you can come back to work, but must wear a mask for ten days from symptom onset.
  3. Even if you do not test positive, if you are experiencing any COVID-related symptoms – even if it just feels like a minor cold – employees must stay home.
  4. If you are a close contact, remember to wear a mask for 10 days and test on the 5th day.
  5. If anyone in your household tests positive, and you are symptom free, you may still come to work, but must wear a mask for 10 days.

For the most part COVID symptoms remain the same — sore throat, congestion, fatigue, fever, and cough are still the most common. Some may also experience gastrointestinal symptoms, and there are reports that one COVID strain can cause pink eye.

Rapid tests are still accurate for all of the variants that are circulating. If you have symptoms but get a negative result, wait two days and test again.

If you test positive for COVID and you’re over age 50 or have chronic medical issues including asthma, ask your doctor about getting a Paxlovid prescription as soon as possible because it can reduce the risk of hospitalization and long COVID if you start taking it within the first five days of an infection.