Suquamish Tribal Council


Dec. 5, 2022


9:00 AM Executive Session
Aaron Napoleon
Lucas Nichols
Ryan George
Devon Tiam
Cherrie May
Scott Crowell/Vicki Cole
Tim Woolsey
Museum Board
Catherine Edwards

2:00 PM Open Session Begins

Special Guests/Report
New Employee Introduction – Jamie Gooby

2:05 PM New Business
Gaming Code Revision – Tim Woolsey/Devon Tiam
Resolution 2022-196 Regulatory Fee MOU with WSGC – Tim Woolsey/Devon Tiam
Resolution 2022-187 DTTrak Contract – Kristine Ewing

2:20 PM Consent Agenda
Resolution 2022-189 2023-2024 USEPA PPG Grant Agreement
Resolution 2022-192 Bank Account Signature Authority for Logan Green
Resolution 2022-193 Automatic Enrollment Anaiya E Torres
Resolution 2022-194 Automatic Enrollment Sincere Zahir
Resolution 2022-195 Automatic Enrollment Ali’Rose E Hawk
Resolution 2022-197 Naming Suquamish Delegates to WIGA

2:25 PM Comments from the Floor

2:35 PM Approval of Meeting Minutes

2:40 PM Council Comments

2:45 PM Adjourn