Suquamish Tribal Council


 June 1-2, 2023


Thursday, June 1, 2023

8:30 AM Executive Session
Scott Crowell/Vicki Cole
Eddie Ayub
Kendra Martinez/Maryanne Mohan
Kendra Martinez/Della Crowell/Nehreen Ayub
Kristine Ewing/Brenda George
Devon Tiam/Maryanne Mohan
Rion Ramirez/Devon Tiam
Jamie Gooby/Brittany Dumford/Lori Crowell
Jamie Gooby/Rebecca Jones/Brenda George/Gallagher
Catherine Edwards

Friday, June 2, 2023

12:30 PM New Business
Resolution 2023-130 Elder’s Travel Assistance Program – Kendra M/Della C/Nehreen A
Resolution 2023-133 Transfer of 2 PME Properties to Tribe – Devon T/Maryanne M
Resolution 2023-134 Re-Finance of PME Operating Loan with KeyBank – Devon T/Rion
Resolution 2023-135 Health Benefits – Amendment to SPD – Rebecca J

12:55 PM Consent Agenda
AOA Part A Grant Award Acceptance
Resolution 2023-125 Automatic Enrollment Legend D’Mar George
Resolution 2023-126 Automatic Enrollment Bennett Brubaker
Resolution 2023-127 2022-2023 CKA Contracts
Resolution 2023-128 Suquamish Tribe Employee Health Benefit Plan (COV19)
Resolution 2023-129 Suquamish Tribe Employee Health Benefit Plan (SPD)
Resolution 2023-132 PCSRF FY2022 Grant Agreement
Resolution 2023-136 Correction to DOB for Exclusion of Leonard May – Tim W

1:00 PM Comments from the floor

1:10 PM Approval of Meeting Minutes

1:05 PM Council Comments
Appendix X Out of Cycle Request for DNR Summit
Out of State Travel request, Denita Holmes, LA
Juneteenth Festival Sponsorship
Patty Murray Political Contribution

1:20 PM Adjourn