Suquamish Tribal Council


Monday, June 27, 2022


 9:00 AM Executive Session

Leanne Nilluka, Rich Brooks

Nehreen Ayub, Della Crowell

Rebecca Jones

Vicki Cole

Dennis Lewarch


10:00 AM Campaign Statement

Rep. Jesse Young, Candidate for State Senate (26th District)


10:30 AM Executive Session Continued

Ben Brueseke, Colleen Studinarz

Devon Tiam, Rion Ramirez

Catherine Edwards


11:15 AM Campaign Statement

Sen. Emily Randall, Candidate for State Senate (26th District)


1:30 PM Special Guests/Reports

New Employee Introduction – Barbara Hoffman

New Employee Introductions – Nehreen Ayub

New Employee Introduction – Rebecca Jones

New Employee Introduction – Vici Hall

Kitsap Public Works Presentation – Cheyenne Covington & Michelle Perdue


1:50 PM Working Session

Elder’s Council – Bill Stroud

Kitsap County R-O-W for Suq. Regional Stormwater Facility – Maryanne Mohan


2:10 PM New Business

Fishline & PGST Wellness MOU – Brian Burwell

Social Work Supervisor Job Description – Nehreen Ayub

SSE POS/Inventory System – Andrew George

Suquamish Housing Procurement Policy – Vicki Cole

Insurance Broker of Record Change Request – Vici Hall


2:40 PM Consent Agenda

Resolution #2022-078 Tribal Emergency Response Commission

Resolution #2022-102 Chief Judge Employment Contract – Melody Allen

Resolution #2022-103 Appellate Judge Appointments – Melody Allen

Resolution #2022-106 Amendment: ARPA Allocation Amount for CKA Multi-Purpose Building

Resolution #2022-107 BIA FY2022 Timber, Fish and Wildlife – Supplemental Funds

Resolution #2022-108 Section 105 (I) Lease with BIA

Resolution #2022-109 ELC 2022-2023 School Year Calendar

Resolution #2022-112 FY2022 BIA Tribal Climate Resilience Program

Indian Housing Block Grant

2:45 PM Comments from the floor


2:55 PM Approval of Meeting Minutes









3:00 PM Council Comments

Tribal Council Meeting Dates


3:05 PM Adjourn