CKA powers up Carving Den with new solar array

Chief Kitsap Academy is showcasing Suquamish Tribe’s traditional values with a modern twist at the school’s new Carving Den. Thanks to a $39,000 grant from Puget Sound Energy’s Green Power program, the academy’s new solar array is now online, illuminating the way towards a greener future while honoring age-old traditions.

This cutting-edge addition to Chief Kitsap Academy’s campus comprises solar panels that harness the power of the sun, providing clean energy totaling 11.8 kilowatts. The array is not only another practical symbol of sustainability, but also serves as a tribute to the tribe’s rich cultural heritage, where respect for the environment has been ingrained for generations.

“The Suquamish Tribe is proud to partner with PSE to illuminate our Carving Den through the power of the sun,” said Brenda Guerrero, Director of the tribe’s Education Division. “This endeavor aligns with our traditional values of environmental stewardship, where we strive to care for our lands and resources as our ancestors did. It’s a testament to our commitment to a sustainable future for our community and the environment.”


The Suquamish Tribe has been at the forefront of adopting solar power in Kitsap County. Last year, the tribe installed its first solar array at the Family & Friends/Fitness Center complex with another PSE grant. Applications are in the works for several additional solar projects across tribal government.


The Carving Den serves as a space where students, staff, and tribal community mentors come together to learn and preserve traditional carving techniques. “The integration of solar power underscores the idea that tradition and innovation can coexist harmoniously, highlighting both our adaptability and resilience,” said Guerrero.