Healing of the Canoe Survey

Healing of the Canoe is working on an adult version of the Youth Curriculum. This survey will help us better understand what adults in the Tribe want to see included. These questions come from initial focus groups with Suquamish Elders, Cultural Committee, and Suquamish leaders.

We appreciate you taking 5 minutes to complete this survey.


What are traditions you used to see, that you don’t see anymore, or traditions you’ve heard about that you’d like to explore more?
What is preventing you from practicing traditions and/or teaching them to your family? (Check all that apply)
What do you think are some of the greatest challenges for adults in our community? (Check all that apply)
Which of these skills or other skills would you like to see for yourself and the community?
What is one of your favorite activities you’ve been apart of in the Suquamish Community?