Latest Covid-19 Updates

Suquamish COVID-19 Testing Dashboard

Week ending August 12  :

  • Total PCR Tests this Week: 40
  • PCR Positives: 7
  • PCR Negatives: 33
  • Current Isolation:9
  • Current Quarantined: 10
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The Suquamish Tribe now updates the COVID-19 Dashboard every Friday afternoon.

Note: “Currently Isolated” refers to those who have tested positive for COVID-19 and are in required seclusion while being monitored by Suquamish Community Health. “Currently Quarantined” refers to those who have been in close contact with an active COVID case and are in required seclusion.

Special COVID-19 Testing Notices

April 9: A government employee tested positive today. This person is a close contact to the last positive case reported that was not an employee of the Tribe. This employee has been on quarantine and not in the office. There should be no risk of any new exposure among staff, or community.

April 2: A member of a Tribal household has tested positive for COVID-19. This person is not on the staff or the Tribe or PME. However he or she was in contact with a government employee; thanks to preventative measures, there was likely no transmission. Please wear masks and maintain physical distance.

March 16 Update: A PME employee, who last worked on March 6, tested positive for COVID-19. There were no close contacts at PME, and the employee is quarantining at home. Additional protocols are being followed to assure the safety of staff and guests.

March 5 Update: Three new positives today:

  • 1 Tribal Member/Employee close contact (quarantined) to a previous positive, no contact with any employees and no additional close contacts.
  • 2 close contacts (quarantined) to previous positive being followed by health department, no additional close contacts.

Feb 23 Update: Two non-Tribal member positives today are close contacts to a previous positive and were in quarantine.  These cases are being followed by the Health Department.

Feb 19 Update: Two new positives today are both minors from the same non-Tribal member, non-government staff household.

Dec 22 Update: Three new positive COVID-19 cases today: One Tribal member/ELC employee and another ELC employee both directly related to the previous cases, as well as one child of a Tribal member that was a close contact to a previously reported case. All close contacts have been notified and are quarantined.

Dec 17 Update: There were three positive COVID-19 cases today. They include a Tribal member child who attended the ELC, an ELC employee, and one Tribal family member. All close contacts have been notified and are quarantined. As previously announced, ELC is closed through the end of the year and will re-open on Jan. 4.

Dec 16 Update: Two Tribal members have tested positive for COVID-19 today. One is an employee, who was briefly in the office on Dec. 11. Office cleaning protocols have been followed. The other is not an employee. Contact tracing in both cases has been completed.

Dec 11 Update: The ELC had a COVID positive test result today. All close contacts have been notified. The ELC closed early today and will remain closed on Monday.

Dec 7 Update: A  member of a Suquamish Tribal Household tested positive today. Family in the immediate household are awaiting test results. One of those family members is on the Suquamish Government staff. Contact tracing reveals no close contacts with other government staff and the family is quarantined.

Nov 18 Update: A Tribal member on government staff and a member of their household tested positive today. Close contacts have been notified. They had no close contacts with Tribal staff.

Nov 16 Update: We have a COVID positive related to close contact from last week (not government or PME staff) and two Tribal Elder households are quarantining. If anyone in your home is ill,  do not allow anyone in your home except medical staff. Stay home, mask up, do not gather with others outside your home.

Nov 10 Update: A Tribal member has tested positive for COVID-19 after returning from travel. Two other Tribal members in that household are now quarantined, but no other close contacts have been identified. Please remember to be extra careful — cases around the country and here in Kitsap County are spiking!

Nov 3 Update: Since Oct 29, we have registered four new positive COVID-19 cases in the Suquamish community. So far these cases have not impacted Tribal members or families. These include:

  1. One person who worked in PME Administration
  2. One person who worked on the floor at the Casino – however this person had not worked during the time he or she would have been contagious, and we believe the virus was contracted elsewhere. (Note: This person is not included on the Tribe’s dashboard since they were not tested at our facilities)
  3. Two cases were family members of people who tested positive.

We believe that all four of these individuals would have had minimal contact with Tribal members or staff, and they are all currently isolating at home. Nonetheless, as our region and nation experience a spike in COVID-19 cases, we urge you to take all the precautions that have kept numbers in Suquamish low thus far.

If you would like to be tested, COVID-19 Testing and Flu shots are available Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 12pm for Tribal members and Tribal member families (including children), PME and Tribal government employees. No appointment is needed during these hours. If you have even mild symptoms, we encourage you to come get tested for COVID-19. We can also test if you are not having symptoms. If afternoon appointments are needed please make arrangements by calling Mickenzy Cordova at (360) 394-7177 or Barbara Hoffman at (360) 394-8468. Afternoon appointments are not available on Friday.


*Isolated: Number of active COVID-19 cases currently being monitored by Suquamish Community Health.

*Quarantined: Number of persons who had close contact with an active case and are completing a 14-day quarantine with monitoring by Suquamish Community Health.

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