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Suquamish Tribe hosts Seattle Mayor for discussions

Suquamish Tribe leaders welcomed Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell to the Port Madison Indian Reservation today to discuss a range of issues of mutual interest. This was Harrell’s first visit to an Indian reservation since assuming office in January. The visit, hosted by Suquamish Chairman Leonard Forsman, began at the Suquamish Cemetery, where Mayor Harrell paid […]

Suquamish Tribal Council

AGENDA Monday, June 27, 2022    9:00 AM Executive Session Leanne Nilluka, Rich Brooks Nehreen Ayub, Della Crowell Rebecca Jones Vicki Cole Dennis Lewarch   10:00 AM Campaign Statement Rep. Jesse Young, Candidate for State Senate (26th District)   10:30 AM Executive Session Continued Ben Brueseke, Colleen Studinarz Devon Tiam, Rion Ramirez Catherine Edwards   […]

Suquamish Tribe Elects Leaders to Tribal Council

SUQUAMISH, WA –Suquamish Tribal citizens voted to fill two Tribal Council positions up for election this year at the Tribe’s annual General Council gathering, which took place March 19 and 20, 2022. Josh Bagley was elected Tribal Council vice chair and Denita Holmes was elected treasurer. Josh Bagley, a former geoduck diver, is president of […]

Registered Voters List for the Secretarial Election to amend the Suquamish Tribe’s Constitution

Pursuant to 25 CFR 81.31 the Suquamish Tribe posts this Registered Voters List for the Secretarial Election to amend the Suquamish Tribe’s Constitution.   See voter list here.   You are entitled to challenge the Registered Voters List in accordance 25 CFR 81.32. 81.32 May the Registered Voters List be challenged? (a) It is possible to challenge […]

Emergency responders deploy new communications gear

Suquamish Tribe Police and Emergency Management staff are now using new cell phones and a service provider that will allow them to communicate better during emergencies. Part of the FirstNet platform, the service gives public safety officials encrypted front-of-the-line access to cell phone networks during high network congestion. “That means our calls, texts, and data […]