CARES Act: How much you can expect

Here’s a handy chart to help you determine how much stimulus money you should expect from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, better known as the Cares Act.

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Or download here:

CARES Act Cash Rebate One Pager

Wipes & paper towels clog the sewer!

Important Notice on Tribal-supplied Water and Sewer
From Suquamish Community Development Utilities Office

Wipes & paper towels clog the sewer! We are all using more cleaning supplies in response to the COVID-19 Stay Home – Stay Healthy Order. High demand of disinfectant wipes and low supply of toilet paper has created a sanitation challenge. Please discard ALL paper towels, wipes, and personal hygiene products in the trash, not the toilet. This includes all items marketed as flushable or disposable.  These items clog sewer lines and pumps.

Only toilet paper is safe to flush.  If you are served by a Tribally-operated sewer system and observe an alarm, please call 360-979-0109.

Water Supply— Residents may experience periodic discolored water and/or low pressure during this period of high residential demand. If you are supplied by a Tribally-operated system and experience sustained color and/or a significant drop in water pressure, please call 360-979-0109.

Tribal Government Operations (updated 4/6)

The Tribal Administration facilities will be closed to the public, and services will be suspended, effective April 6 – May 4, 2020. We will have limited staff available to respond to urgent issues with staff working remotely at a limited capacity.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please call (360) 598-4334, which is monitored regularly. You may also contact our response team by sending emails to:

The Suquamish Police Department

The Police Department lobby will be available to drop off child support payments, applications, housing payments, and other government-related paper­work. Staff and officers can also forward messages to other Tribal departments as needed.

Lobby Hours:
Mon-Fri – 8am to 4:30pm

Front Desk: (360) 598-4334
Emergency: 911

Telework and On-call Services

Child Tribal Welfare: (360) 394-8480

Communications: (360) 394-7184/7102

Community Development: (360) 394-8415

Emergency Work Orders: (360) 900-7050

Emergency Utilities: (360) 710-3223

Elders Meals: (360) 394-8413

Health Benefits: (360) 394-8466

Human Resources: (360) 394-8409

Human Services: (360) 394-8465

IT Help Desk: (360) 394-8485

Finance: (360) 394-8430

Fisheries: (360) 394-8438

Tribal Court: (360) 394-8697

Wellness Center

Therapists are still meeting with existing clients through phone/video sessions. A contact list of providers is available here.


Front desk: (360) 394-8558
Wellness Fax – (360) 598-1724
Emergency: 911
Crises Hotline: (888) 910-0416

Video update from Chairman Forsman (3-30)

Suquamish Tribe Chairman Leonard Forsman provides the latest update to the Tribe’s ongoing efforts to address the coronavirus crisis.


Update on Tribal Government Operations

In order to minimize the spread of Covid-19, the Suquamish Tribe is reducing face-to-face operations, while increasing remote telework services as much as possible.

The main/lobby numbers to all Suquamish Tribe offices are being monitored. You may leave a voicemail and someone will respond as soon as possible. Many other direct lines are also now being forwarded to staff who are able telework.

We appreciate your patience as we settle into this way of working and providing services. All staff should speak with their supervisor about their schedule.

Critical services are still being provided during reduced hours at the following locations.


Suquamish Tribe Administration
Including Finance, Health Benefits, Human Resources, Human Services, Wellness

Lobby Hours:

Mondays – 8am – Noon
Wednesdays – Noon – 4pm
Fridays – 8am – Noon



Finance: (360) 394-8430
Health Benefits: (360) 394-8466
Human Resources: (360) 394-8409
Human Services: (360) 394-8465
IT Help Desk: (360) 394-8485
Wellness: (360) 394 8558


The Suquamish Police Department

Lobby Hours: Mon-Fri – 8am to 4:30pm
Front Desk: (360) 598-4334
Emergency: 911

The Police Department lobby will be available to drop off child support payments, applications, housing payments, and other government-related paperwork.

Police Department staff will also be able to forward messages to other Tribal departments as needed.


Wellness Center
Limited services and assistance for Tribal members will be provided:

Mondays – 8am – Noon
Wednesdays – Noon – 4pm
Fridays – 8am – Noon

Front desk: (360) 394-8558
Wellness Fax – 360-598-1724
Emergency: 911
Crises Hotline: 1-888-910-0416

With the exception of Suquamish Tribal members or other Native Americans, Wellness is not able to accept any new patients at this time.

All other current clients can reach their counselor/provider directly at the following numbers:


Barbara Allen 360-394-8556
Brian Burwell 360-394-8553
Dan Brewer 360-394-8559
Dr. Alex Kraft 360-394-8555
Dr. Lisa Pratt 360-394-8692
Elizabeth Tonti (DV Advocate) 360-394-1756
Jill Stenerson 360-394-8643
Jonathan Glover 360-394-8601
Margot Katz 360-394-8551
Marlaina Anderson 360-394-8552
Mary Russell 360-394-8678
Sara Olsen 360-394-7134
Selina Ayes (Legal Advocate) 360-394-8599
Shoshanna Bayes (Peer Support) 360-394-7186
Tom Axtelle 360-394-7139
Tyler McLain 360-394-7110
Wendy Boure (TM Assistance) 360-551-9632
Will Scott 360-394-8598

Some Good News: Wellness Staffer Does Not Have Covid-19

From Suquamish Tribe Executive Director Shyla Spicer:

I wanted share an update on test results regarding our Wellness Center staff member. Testing confirms the staff member DOES NOT have COVID-19.

We continue to respond to the rapidly evolving events surrounding COVID-19. We remain committed to providing updated information as it becomes available.

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we continue to deal with this global health crisis and work to protect the health and safety of our staff and community.

Tribal Government Shifting to Reduced Operations

The Suquamish Tribe will shift to reduced government operations for the next four weeks.
Beginning March 16, the vast majority of staff are instructed to remain home until at least April 10, at which time the situation will be reassessed.
Staff who are able to telecommute will do so. Essential services that must be provided in person will be conducted on modified schedules.
To be clear, Tribal government will continue, as much as possible, to provide essential services. More specifics on that will be announced in the coming days.
These are unprecedented times, requiring difficult decisions. This is one of them.
Health professionals say the best way to limit the spread of COVID-19 is to avoid gatherings and limit day-to-day contact. We are asking our employees and their families, and all members of our community to stay at home as much as possible and to avoid direct contact with others.
Your cooperation with “social distancing” can help save lives. Please keep washing your hands often.
These actions, along with other steps already taken, can help slow the spread of the disease, allowing local health care systems to keep up with the rate of new infections and to assist those who need intensive medical care.
We remain committed to doing everything possible to reduce the risks and to care for Tribal members, staff, and the wider community. We will regularly update our official Facebook and government website with the latest information.
We have survived hard times before. We will survive this.
We are pulling together. We are caring for our Elders and our children. We will get through this together.

General Council Postponed

In light of the unprecedented emergency created by the COVID-19 outbreak, the Suquamish Tribe General Council will not be held on March 15 as scheduled.
In a resolution approved by Tribal Council March 12, the General Council is now tentatively rescheduled for June 28.
This decision was not made lightly. We are especially concerned about our Elders and those with medical conditions that could make the disease serious or even fatal. This decision also came at the urging of a significant number of Tribal members who raised similar concerns.
Health experts say the best way to limit the spread of COVID-19 is to cancel large gatherings and limit person-to-person contact as much as possible.
Therefore, Tribal Council determined the most prudent course of action is to delay General Council until the threat to our people – and our wider community – has subsided.
The positions of Tribal Council Chairman and Secretary will remain on the ballot and elections for those positions will be held when General Council reconvenes. Until then, the current Council Members will remain in those positions.
The Suquamish Tribe remains committed to doing everything possible to reduce the risks and to care for Tribal members, staff, and the wider community.

Notice of closure: COVID-19 update

A staff member of the Suquamish Tribe Wellness Center, who has been ill, was tested for COVID-19 and is currently self-isolating at home. The test results are pending.
To be cautious, the Tribe is closing the Wellness Center beginning today and will reopen on March 17 pending the test results.
During the closure, the Wellness building will be cleaned and sanitized. Wellness staff is reaching out to their clients to make alternative plans for enabling continuity of services.
If you have any questions about care at the Wellness Center, you may direct them to:
• Brian Burwell at or
• Jonathan Glover at or 360-394-8601
The Suquamish Tribe is closely monitoring the emerging coronavirus situation in our region. Staff are fully engaged in planning and preparing for all scenarios.
Meanwhile, increased cleaning requirements have been implemented and additional supplies are being provided for personal hygiene and common spaces.
Accommodations are being made now to provide more opportunities for staff to telecommute when possible. The Suquamish Tribe is working hard to do everything possible to educate, reduce risk, and care for Tribal members, staff, and the wider community.
We are committed to providing a transparent flow of information, as it becomes available.

Tribal Council Update on COVID-19


Dear Tribal Citizens:

The Suquamish Tribal Council and Tribal government staff would like to take this opportunity to inform you of our efforts to minimize the impacts of COVID-19 coronavirus.  We understand that our Tribal community is concerned, as we are, and want to protect our most vulnerable population: Elders and those with underlying health conditions.  This is an evolving situation, and we are monitoring information provided by federal, state and local governments, and by our own health experts.

As you know, health officials are suggesting that government and businesses consider cancelling non-essential gatherings and meetings.

In light of this unprecedented situation and potential health risks, the Tribal Council has made the following decisions regarding upcoming Tribal gatherings:

  1. The General Council meeting will be limited to one day, Sunday, March 15, 2020 at Kiana Lodge. This Monday, Tribal Council will approve a modified agenda for our Sunday General Council meeting.  This agenda will include elections and reports (as required by our constitution) with the intention of reducing exposure. The Saturday session, including the Elders meeting, will not be held. 
  2. There will be no childcare provided during the Sunday meeting.
  3. The Elders Cruise to Mexico will be postponed.
  4. A Time to Gather, the Suquamish Foundation’s annual fundraising dinner, will be postponed.
  5. All other non-essential travel and events are now under review.

Please access the Tribe’s Facebook page for the most immediate updates.

Please continue to follow precautions in your everyday lives, including frequent hand-washing, wiping down common surfaces and staying home if you are sick.

If you have questions regarding the best way to protect your health, please contact:

Nehreen Ayub – (206) 920-0748 /
Barbara Hoffman – (360) 394-8468 /

If you have questions about event management, such as General Council, please contact Rebecca Purser (360-394-8406 / or a Council member.

The Suquamish Tribe has withstood many challenges since first contact over 200 years ago and we are confident that we can manage this threat successfully by being unified, informed and appropriately decisive.




Leonard Forsman, Chairman

Wayne George, Vice Chairman

Nigel Lawrence, Secretary

Robin Sigo, Treasurer

Rich Purser, Councilmember

Jay Mills, Councilmember

Sammy Mabe, Councilmember